Michael Ambrus

    Embedded systems developer, architect & ENTREPRENEUR


A references hub and a short introduction about me



Yepp, I admit I am one... I'm most happy when working with deeply embedded and/or distributed micro-controller RT-systems/embedded-Linux using classic GNU/UNIX tool-chains.

My 3:rd RTOS Tinker,   spare-time developed since 1999, exemplifies this. (There are many more projects of mine publicly available. The most interesting are mentioned among these pages else-where).


Fairness & pay-it-forward - it's good business,

I've dedicated many years as a warm evangelist of open-source. One reward is that I've over the years become highly skilled with GNU-tools and the *NIX/Linux way of SW-development. I consider myself as an   entrepreneur where such abilities comes in very handy. Nowadays when technology-intense novel products have to be launched "priced right" from the very beginning, as "born-global", production volumes and manufacturing costs play a higher role than ever before. Open Source matters - it's a win-win and it's good business.

Have a look at my 3:rd RTOS Tinker  -  developed since 1999


I don't do IT, I do engineering!

Or in other words: Something worth doing - is worth doing right.

Curriculum Vitae

The Engineer:

I'm passionate and very broad embedded systems engineer. I'm a professional SW/HW engineer since 1987 covering an area from electronics HW-design to SW-cloud services - via embedded software, electronics design, mechanics , robotics and distributed controller systems and devices.

My emphasis is on software and my strength lays in systems. The ability to understand and communicate with members of many engineering disciplines, which in roles like for example systems architect, has proven to be quite well valued.


I genuinely like people and I like to lead! Leadership is a service given as proof of love and respect to others. My leadership style reflects my overall personality - passion!

My Company - helsinova AB 

I'm the founder of Helsinova AB

Helsinova is a company in Helsingborg, Sweden which was founded in 2009. It is a design house specialising in product development for the industry typically classified as complete embedded systems.

Most easily described by today's nomenclature this would translate to IoT. But actually, as long as it involves one or several micro-controller(s) in a system, anything goes.

Helsinova is a full-service engineering provider which means customer need not bother with anything technical. We know and cover it all. What we don't cover,  we know whom to contract. Customer full service is our motto.  

Typical customer industries:  Automotive, mission-critical medical devices, telecom and agriculture/food.

Helsinova's three tiers are our own LoRa/BLE IoT based products, customer turn-key development, out-sourcing of highly skilled engineers, architects & technical leaders.

Helsinova and my staff is of course a reflection of myself. What I'm good at, so is Helsinova. What I value, so does Helsinova e.t.c.

These pages are about me however... 

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